FAQ for Businesses

What is ShotsRus?

ShotsRus is a fast growing food-tech startup that works with hundreds of foodservice businesses to help them meet their staffing needs. Our goal is to help your business eliminate staffing challenges so that you can focus on everything else that matters to the success of your business. We hire highly vetted foodservice and hospitality professionals who are available to you at affordable rates and at your demand. You can create shifts through the ShotsRus app and request cooks, servers, bussers, hosts, dishwashers, and utility workers as little as three hours in advance of when you need them to show up to work.


What kind of professionals can I order through ShotsRus?

You can order experienced prep cooks, line cooks, servers, bussers, hosts, dishwashers, and utility workers through the ShotsRus app to meet all of your various staffing needs.


What should I know about ShotsRus professionals?

ShotsRus takes care of all the preliminary steps. All you need to do is create a shift and expect a professional and competent worker to show up at your business! ShotsRus professionals (called jobletes) are background checked and full W-2 employees of ShotsRus. We take care of all of the interviewing and paperwork so that all you have left to worry about is showing your joblete their tasks for the day. All jobletes go through a thorough behavioral and skill-based interview, so you can be confident that the worker showing up to your business is reliable, a team-player, and qualified to do the job-types you have requested help with.


What are some ways businesses use ShotsRus?

Businesses use ShotsRus in a variety of capacities. Some businesses create recurring shifts with ShotsRus at times when they know they need extra support. Others use us to help in the case of last-minute no-shows or unanticipated busy times. After each shift you complete with ShotsRus, you will be able to review all of the jobletes who worked for you. Through this, you can create your own preferred pool of ShotsRus professionals and see them regularly.


How does payment work?

You will be charged for each shift you create with us once it is completed. Your managers will have the ability to clock-in and clock-out all of your workers through the ShotsRus app, so you will be charged for the precise time the worker was on the job down to the second. Our goal is to make the payment process as seamless and straight-forward as possible.  


What is the price?

We guarantee the best pricing, no startup cost, and a flat rate with no hidden fees for shotsrus professionals. You will be charged an hourly rate depending on the type of worker you need.


What is the best way to use ShotsRus?

The best way to use ShotsRus is in the way that best helps to meet the needs of your business. We hope that you love your experience using ShotsRus and come to use it regularly to eliminate your staffing shortages.